Good Things Are Meant to Expire

Good Morning Boss Babe,
I've written this letter to you about a hundred times, only to start all over again. The gist of it? Good things are meant to expire... 

I recently found myself sitting with my good friend, spilling my guts. It was a drizzly Saturday morning as we sipped on flat whites and munched on toast with poached eggs. We spoke of hesitation, doubt, fear, and guilt, while simultaneously exploring the excitement and eagerness for our professional futures. During this convo, it became clear that

it's time for Boss Babes Brunch Club to come to an end. 

I've debated how direct I wanted to be about this, or if I just wanted to let things fizzle. But, with this business I've prided myself on being transparent, authentic, and vulnerable-- so here it goes. 

Boss Babes Brunch Club started because I saw a space in our community and felt the need to fill a void. I saw a gap where women weren't supporting each other and collaborating, so in turn, we weren't collectively thriving. 

Throughout the past 2 years, Brandi and I have built Boss Babes into something that is nothing short of magical. I am so proud of the community we created and the work that we have done. We have hosted events of all shapes and sizes, won awards, and most importantly, we have connected with thousands of women to encourage them to be their best. We've helped businesses grow from the ground up; doctors, lawyers, photographers, physical therapists, creatives, business coaches, and entrepreneurs of all types have thrived with the help of Boss Babes. At the same time, we've seen friendships flourish and women connect and support each other in every area of their lives. We accomplished our goal. It worked. 

Simultaneously, my own life has changed significantly. I went from a full time server in a breakfast restaurant, to a successful copywriter in a company with ample room for growth. I've learned the value of self care + preservation, a social life, and I consistently challenge myself to find a healthy work-life balance without working 60-70+ hours a week.

Over the last 6+ months, I've spent time agonizing about my lack of commitment to Boss Babes Brunch Club--I'm sure you've noticed. It started out of sheer exhaustion and was thoroughly emphasized after the death of a close friend. I was hoping that it was a phase, rather than a stagnant feeling, but I just can't seem to shake it. 

This isn't because I'm not passionate about building community and supporting women, I am. The differentiating factor is that I no longer have the capacity to show up and hold space to my standards. When I show up, no matter what project I'm working on, I want to be fully present, passionate, and accomplish my work with integrity. If that's no longer within me, I've learned that I need to reassess, and that's what I've done.

Like most organic movements and missions, there's an ebb and flow. It's time for Boss Babes Brunch Club to hit its expiration date. 

We're still going to maintain the Facebook page + private group, Collaborative Collective by Boss Babes Brunch Club in order to continue a community of digital support-- we want you to stay connected with each other.

This is a bittersweet end of a chapter for me. I have been so inspired by you, by the connections I've made, and the support that I've seen. Thank you for being a part of this. It's not easy to end something that you love so dearly, but I know that it's for the right reasons. Why? Because sometimes good things are meant to expire.

All my love,



Hi Boss Babes,
When the opportunity to co-create an organization designed to build, empower, inspire and propel women forward, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  The timing could not have been better - I was looking for a community, a tribe to bellow to.

My time with Boss Babes Brunch Club has literally changed my life. The women I've met, friendships created, and the connections made will forever stay close to my heart. I owe all of you amazing women so much love and gratitude - the woman I have become this year is because you.  The woman I am continuing to grow into is one that you will be proud of. 

I love you all. Thank you so much for allowing me to hold space for you as you reached for your dreams and propelled towards your potential.

Keep Shining,


Your Right Hand Lady || The Get Down With Lauren Allen of Right Hand Business Coach

Last year, we had the honor of meeting our girl Lauren Allen, of Right Hand Business Coach, during our 6 week workshop, WORKSHARE, and took the world by storm. She crushed her initial goal of writing a business plan, and instead, launched her entire business. If that's not hustle, we're not sure what is. So, if you want to learn more about this babe, keep scrolling!


Your Right Hand Lady || The Get Down With Lauren Allen of Right Hand Business Coach

  1. What fuels you—literally and figuratively!

  2. I love to be surrounded by fun, creative people.  It is so fulfilling to talk with someone who is excited about their business and passionate about the life they are living. I find that I crave being around people who are energizing, uplifting, and challenge me to be better.  I also live on a high for a bit when I’m working with a client, and they have an “aha moment” about their business.      

  3. you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
    You can do anything you want, and to manifest your life isn’t a hoax.  If you feel it and believe it, you can have it.

  4. What’s one quote or mantra that you live by?
    It took me years to learn what “be kind to yourself” meant, now I practice the mantra daily.  For many years, I was my own worst critic; once I began practicing kindness to myself, I found that I was much more productive, healthier, and happy.

  5. What’s your spirit animal? 
    Years ago, I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Santa Fe for Thanksgiving, and my aunt had a set of animal totem cards.  I pulled all the cards for my totem and discovered my spirit animal was a butterfly.  There are several meaning to have a butterfly as a spirit animal, but the one that I identify with the most is the transformation.  I have grown and challenged myself and have transformed many times, all for the better. all for the better

  6. What’s one skill that you’d love to master?
    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Though I’ve never owned a guitar, it still appeals to me.

  7. What’s your current guilty pleasure?
    I’m a sucker for anything related to the British monarchy. I’ll watch every documentary or TV show about the Royal Family.  I binged the two seasons of The Crown a few weeks ago.  The obsession started when  I studied in London and worked at the House of Commons; I was in the building when Queen Elizabeth made a speech in the House of Lords.  I watched in our office on a closed circuit tv; it’s my one claim to fame...I was in the same building as the Queen!

  8. Hey Mrs. DJ put a record on… What are you listening to when you want to

    1. Get pumped up: I grew up in Georgia, so I go back to my roots of old-school Outkast and Ludacris

    2. Wind down: Anything acoustic

    3. Get down: 90’s hip-hop!

  9. What’s one book every Boss Babe should read?
    This question is the last one I’m answering because I think it’s the hardest.  I’ve read tons of books, and I’ve been racking my brain to figure out which one to suggest.  I love Dr. Brene Brown, her book Raising Strong taught me so much about myself.  I’m a firm believer that we have to know who we are to show up and participate in this world as mature, emotionally healthy people.  The book talks about the workplace as well as social settings.  She also goes in depth about a study she did on whether people are "doing their best."  I was intrigued, and it has changed how I react or respond to people.  She has a new book out too; it’s already in my audible queue.  

  10. What’s one random thing that is always in your bag?
    I always have Burt’s Bee lip balm with me. I’m addicted!  I have a tube in my purse, my computer bag, and bathroom cabinet.

  11. Tell us something you’re really freaking excited about. 
    I’m totally freaking excited about the Right Start Workshops!  The workshops have been an idea for a long time, and I finally found a group of partners who wanted to contribute.  It’s a 6-week program, starting January 9th and runs through February 13th.  Each week, the workshop will focus on one business topic, and an expert in that field will be there to guide a discussion and answer all your business questions.  Learn how to get your business started in 6-weeks.  You can find more information on my website under Right Start Workshops.

How can we connect with you:
Instagram: @righthand_1

Tell Us About Your Evolution: An Interview with Julie Rais Ellis

Tayler Cusick Hollman, Cardiff based founder of TAYLRD Media + Designs recently sat down with Julie Rais Ellis, of Rais Case.  Julie's been a supporter of Boss Babes from the start, and we consistently find her vibes and her business inspiring. Here's her story about taking a leap of faith to pursue her passions, balancing the hustle of being a full time mama bird, and her entrepreneurial evolution.

 Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

Before starting Rais Case you were an art teacher. Do you remember the moment that you decided to leave the classroom and pursue Rais Case full time? What was making that decision like?

In the fall of 2013 I opened a small shop in Del Mar with Mr. B’s. It was the first time I had a storefront for Rais Case and the experience was so cool. But, after a month of both teaching and working to run a brick and mortar shop, I realized I couldn’t do both and keep my sanity.

To be honest, the money was in teaching at that point but my heart was in making stuff. So, one day I mustered up the courage to approach my principal to talk things through. I told her about my feelings and asked for advice. She told me, “You can always come back to teaching.” And that was pretty much it! I ended up finishing out the semester and leaving the classroom in January of 2014.

I realize that I was lucky to have a principal who was so supportive. Because my instincts were telling me to do it at the same time my head was asking if it was the smart thing to do. It obviously worked out because here I am, years later with a business and brand bigger than I ever could have imagined!

Your style has evolved since you first started Rais Case. Tell us about that evolution.

The style changes pretty much based on when I find inspiration and there is no set calendar for releasing new collections. I am really curious when it comes to design so when I find something I love, I just run with it! My ultimate (and maybe selfish goal) is to be able to travel around the world for inspiration and sourcing. I am dying to go to Panama and Morocco – so I am sure you’ll see collections inspired by those places soon enough!

Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

How do you source your materials?

My leather is sourced from Argentina and I work with a company in Los Angeles to get it. The rest can come from anywhere really. I have gone up to the Pendleton mill in Washington; which was really cool because I got to see the process first hand – and in a 100-year-old factory! But the mud cloth I recently used was found at the Long Beach flee market. I had to scour the internet for the vintage fabrics; finding consistent quality was hard.

What do you love the most about running your own business?

I love the flexibility! Being a working mama of two littles means that my days sometimes need to revolve around what and how they are doing. So, being able to come in super early, late at night or just work from home is a huge bonus.  I also love not having to answer to anyone – I was never good at that.

 Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

What are the biggest challenges about running your own business?

That flexibility I just talked about? Yeah, that can also be a huge challenge because sometimes there isn’t the structure or boundaries you need.

I really don’t think that I could do this without being in a collective space. I get so much from being connected to the other artists in my shop, from being connected to the community – it helps create this grounding balance that keeps everything in check and helps get me through the challenges.

 Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

Photo Credit: Shane + Lauren Photography

You're always collaborating with other artists. How do those projects come together?

I have always just felt drawn to other artists. As an artist, there is so much to learn from people who work in different mediums and have a different process than you. So, when I get really inspired, I try to connect with them. From there, it’s really just about building a creative relationship and dreaming up fun things!

What is your ultimate goal for Rais Case?

That is a moving target! I definitely had set some lofty ones but have been humbled by having kids. So right now, I am focusing on doing what feels right.  The shop has the potential to be a great community space so, I am working towards that. But in general, my goals are pretty simple: be creative, be happy, be a good mom. Sometimes I want to do more or change things and it’s important to remember that everything about Rais Case is working and that it’s great! So it's also about working to remember that and stayed focused through it all.

So babes, there you have it. Inspo to the max, by one of our favorite babes. So, this is where we ask you... What gets you going? What are you goals? What are your challenges? We want to hear your story in the comments below.





P.S. Are you loving these photos as much as we are? Check out Shane + Lauren Photography to fall in love with this amazing duo and their work. 

They Took Us on a Journey || Balanced Babe

  Kimberly Elyse Photography

Kimberly Elyse Photography

A few weeks ago I had the honor of co-hosting yet another amazing Boss Babes Brunch Club event, here in Carlsbad, CA.  The evening was brisk, the event was held outdoors - passerby's inquired and were curious, what are all these women doing??  Four amazing women took the stage - one after the other spoke of their lives, what inspired them go into their chosen profession, change careers or just make a BIG shift in their lives.

For one, Nastasha, it was a death of someone close to her and the effects medication can have on the body that inspired her to lead a healthy life.  She then took it further when she found how her actions, passion for healthy cooking could inspire others. 

" Food can be our absolute form of medicine; and our slowest form of poison"

  Kimberly Elyse Photography

Kimberly Elyse Photography

Violet discovered her superpower, Anxiety and found a way to use it as her guide.  She found a way to use it to benefit her, connect deeper to others and in the process found her voice, a passion, a desire to inspire others on the biggest platform possible.  She discovered that by sharing her story, she not only healed herself but helped others heal too.

Jackie - shared the power of positive emotions and the weight of negative ones.  That on average most couples will wait SIX years before seeking help - can you imagine waiting six years to tend to a broken leg? The comparison my seem odd but the gravity of the situations are the same.  She stressed to us the importance of being intentional with your words, your actions and your love.

Lastly there was Pauline - who shared with us the deepest pain of all - the feeling of true hopelessness, the point where living is no longer an option and freedom from pain, hurt, disappointment and the unknown - is death.  Depression, Bi-polar disorder, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts - these are truths that many of us face but no one really talks about. 

These women took us on a journey last night, deep into our souls - where we also hurt, laugh, feel joy and sadness.  They took us a journey and showed us that we're not alone and that true strength comes in sharing your story. It comes in being vulnerable and making it less about 'I' and more about, how can this serve YOU.

xox, B


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