New Babes on the Bloc

We know that you're supes excited to hear about what we have in store for you all at our Mix/MINGLE event, here are a few women who are supporting us. Make sure you introduce yourself, listen to their words of wisdom, or give them a big old hug—we wouldn’t be here without them!

ALANDRA MICHELLE || This photo goddess will be shooting behind the lens, make sure you say a quick hello to her and get that perfect insta photo that we know you're dying for. To read more about her, check out her bio

I'm a lifestyle photographer and content creator, originally from San Diego, California. I see my life in photographs, it's the way I tell my story. Now based out of Orange County, I travel up and down the PCH to collaborate, talk creative, and get to know inspirational female entrepreneurs, over iced coffee.  
I've always been driven by the idea of women empowerment, independence, and fearlessness. I want to inspire change, capture personality, authenticity, detail, and intimacy through my work. I want it to spark conversation and make people feel something raw and real. 
My passion fuels me, but I also love to enjoy the little things in life: music that makes me dance, going for a coastal drive, exploring new places, and sharing pizza with the people I love. 

To check out more of my work, take a peak at my website or Instagram

CAROLE CUMMINGS || Carole is the manager of Bloc Leucadia, which means she's a crucial part of our first Mix/MINGLE event. She's a go getter, community cultivator type of woman, and someone you definitely want to talk to!

 Manger of Bloc in Leucadia, Carole is a community collaborator and boss-babe to the max. Bloc Leucadia is a collaborative workspace that was designed to encourage like-minded people to work together in a creative and motivating professional environment. Our goal is to not only provide members with an awesome place to hang their shingle but also build a community of people that can brainstorm ideas, pass business around, and of course have some fun every once in a while.

JESSICA HOWELL || Jessica is founder of Social Studio Shop, a social media marketing boutique for female entrepreneurs and business owners. Basically, she's more tech savvy than all of us combined. Her business has been a huge inspiration for the Boss Babes Brunch Club and we've been crushing on her for a long ass time. 

With over ten years experience + a BFA in Photography, Jessica uses her creative savvy to coach entrepreneurs + bloggers on their digital strategy. Her background in visual communications led her to a successful career in social media marketing where she has spent the last 4+ years consulting brands on social media.
Since 2014, Social Studio Shop has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and bloggers grow online with intention using successful purpose-driven strategy. Through their workshops, online courses + one-on-one consulting sessions, Social Studio Shop inspires community, facilitates meaningful connections + teaches brands to grow online with purpose.
Jessica's knowledge in social media marketing has been featured on Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Social Hour Podcast, Yellow Conference, 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs, and many more! Connect with Jessica on Twitter + Instagram.

SARAH CAMERON|| Sarah runs Splendid Being, where the focus is to live a life you love. That's something we can certainly get behind. She's a certified life and health coach who will help you life the best life possible. 

M.A. is a Life and Certified Health Coach with degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Psychology. She loves translating evidence-based theories and techniques into everyday practices, empowering clients to live more fulfilling lives (check out her TEDx talk). In her private coaching practice she works with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations to remove the obstacles that inhibit personal, relational, and professional growth. Also involved in the community, Sara offers wellness and goal workshops with fitness studios, Yoga Teacher Training programs, and wellness camps.

So those are the New Babes on the Bloc, and we can't WAIT to hear what they have to say. Everyday we make choices towards living a better life, the question is, what are you doing?


Alisha Ochoa
Founder  || Creative Director