A New Type of Happy Hour

Last week I found myself standing on a balcony with the sun setting to my west and twinkle lights shining above. The details were falling into place and I was able to take a a deep breath and soak in everything that was happening around me.

I was upstairs at Bloc in Leucadia, a community workspace for the dreamers, doers, and thinkers of our neighborhood—a space designed specifically for entrepreneurs to flourish. They were graciously hosting our first ever mix/MINGLE event, a sort of social happy hour for Boss Babes to keep in touch and stay connected with a little inspo thrown in the mix to keep us jiving.

In front of me there were around 50+ women intently listening to our keynote speakers share their stories about personal struggles, business triumphs, and everything in between. Many of these women I had just met, even if I had already given them about a bajillion hugs, a few had come to continue to support this crazy endeavor Brandi and I are putting our hearts and souls into, and at they same time, they're able to simultaneously build their own community of badass babes to lean on. 


It's safe to say that our keynote speakers didn't let us down! They helped us open up a safe space for authentic conversation, serious questions, and just a genuinely good time. They touched on everything from how relationships impact your business and goals to how stress and anxiety can lead to breakdowns. They explained to us how they turned these struggles into triumphs and gave us a peak at the power that they have within them.

In moments like this, I often find myself overwhelmed. On one hand I am beaming with pride and gratitude for the community we have cultivated and the hours of work that are finally turning into something. I’m sure many of you can relate. On the other hand I am in awe of what this has potential to become.  It makes me ask myself just how far we can go, how many women we can reach, and what sort of impact we can make. 

For those of you who joined us, I thank you with my whole heart. I think it’s safe to speak for both Brandi and myself when I say thank you for helping us build something so beautiful. A space that is open to vulnerability and trust and camaraderie amongst women. 

Our first ever mix/MINGLE was certainly something I would consider a success. It was a step in the right direction as we transition as we begin to limit ourselves a bit less, and chase our dreams a little faster. We’ve got big plans for the Boss Babes Brunch Club, we just hope you can keep up.

Shine Bright!

Alisha Ochoa
Founder|| Creative Director

PHOTOGRAPHY || All of our photos were taken by mega babe, Alandra Michelle. If you want to check out more of her work, or connect with her, check out her website or stalk her on insta, but let me forewarn you, her insta is filled with the type of pictures that dreams are made of.

LOCATION || Located at 1302 N. Coast Hwy, in Leucadia, Bloc Leucadia is a collaborative workspace that was designed to encourage like-minded people to work together in a creative and motivating professional environment. Our goal is to not only provide members with an awesome place to hang their shingle but also build a community of people that can brainstorm ideas, pass business around, and of course have some fun every once in a while. A short walk from the beach and  in the heart of Leucadia, there is no better place to work. To check out their rates or for any questions email them at join@hibloc.com