Boss Babe of the Month: Julie Rais Ellis

Hi Boss Babes, 

The countdown has officially begun, and as we're gearing up for our event this weekend I'm getting more and more excited. I'm thrilled to see our goals and plans come to fruition, especially after so much hard work.  One of my favorite parts is our keynote speaker. She's a boss babe to the max and I've had a career crush on her for a long ass time. Let me introduce you to Julie Ellis, designer and owner of Rais Case, where they produce the highest quality handmade bags in the U.S.A.

We wanted her to Tell Us More about herself so we (and you!) could get to know her a little better, and it's making us just that much more excited. Here's what one of the main Boss Babes in town has to say about everything from what she's reading, to what her spirit animal is, and everything in between.

Tell Us More Survey

1.      What fuels you—literally and figuratively!

Coffee, strong need to be creative, and that fact that I love being my own boss.

2.     If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Oh, there are lots of things, one is to be financially disciplined!  Don’t overspend in business or your personal life, banks and credit card companies make it to easy for us to dig a financial hole for ourselves.  

3.     What’s one quote or mantra that you live by?

Life is a big canvas, throw as much paint on it as you can…it reminds me not to be afraid to try something, to live without regret, that everything will to be okay, and at the end of my life I will be happier looking back and my canvas and seeing tons of layers of paint!

4.     What’s your spirit animal? (pictures highly encouraged)

Hmmmmm, well I just hopped online and took a spirit animal quiz, and it said I was a lion. The lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties, and could also mean that something "wild" or difficult to control... all of which definitely describe me!

Julie Spirit Animal

5.     What’s one skill that you’d love to master?

6.     What’s your current guilty pleasure?
These Cliff Kid bars that I buy for my 1 year old daughter…I eat the whole box in practically two days.

7.     Hey Mrs. DJ put a record on… What are you listening to when you want to
a.     Get pumped up: Beyonce, Lift Off
b.     Wind down: Strugil Simpson
c.     Get down: Forever Young by Bob Dylan

8.     What’s one book every Boss Babe should read?
Girl Boss was pretty motivating, I also learned a lot from Total Money Makeover

9.     What’s one random thing that is always in your bag?
Diapers and spoons from Yogurtland!

10.  Tell us something you’re really freakin excited about: 
Our DIY table at the shop, I love love love it.  It makes me so happy when people come in and create their own leather goods.

How can we connect with you:
Instagram:  @raiscase
Other:  personal insta, @julsellis_

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear her speak at our Boss Babes Brunch this upcoming weekend.


Alisha Ochoa
Founder || Creative Director
Boss Babes Brunch Club