Super Babe

As an entrepreneur keeping your sanity is key - to operate from a 10X perspective you've got to be on point mind, body, and spirit.  So many times women entrepreneurs especially put everything other than themselves on the schedule (shocker, right?) and you end up burnt out, tired, over it or crying in your pillow.  Below are five tips to keep you sane or at least bring you back to sanity in those times of chaos.  Taking care yourself is important, do not let aweek go by without some self care and love.  You are a bad ass but even a bad ass needs some sleep!


1. Meditate - I know you've heard this one before, but it's worth saying again.  Spending 5-10 minutes in the morning when you first wake, before the house has started stirring and your day gets started can be the most impactful time of your entire day.  Get your mind right and your body will follow.  Meditation doesn't have to be long winded, doesn't require special seating, tools, or even incense.  Maybe you sit up in bed, lay on the floor or indian-style in your favorite chair.  Go near a window if you can, close you eyes and just breathe. Perhaps you think of five things you're grateful for, maybe list three things you've accomplished or maybe just try and sit still and enjoy the silence. It might be the only silence you get the rest of your day.


2. Eat - Fueling your body, fuels your mind and if you're putting crap into your body how can you expect your mind to be clear, focused and high functioning?  Eat a nutritious breakfast (take the time), make sure you have healthy snacks in your desk, in your bag, in your car.  Don't get stuck swinging by 711 and grabbing a bag of Cheetoos and a Coke - THIS IS NOT REAL FOOD! Take care of your body, you are the cornerstone of your business! YOU are the brand! You are the face! You need to be at 100% to make sh*t happen!


3. Join a group! Hello Boss Babes Brunch Club!!! Joining supportive, similar interest groups can be HUGE! In fact I didn't quite understand this till setting out and starting 3BClub (that's Boss Babes Brunch Club yo!) Being surrounded by other women who get it, who are on the hustle with you and striving to make a difference in their lives, their families, heck the world is so invaluable.  As much as I hate the term, NETWORK, it is important - you never know who needs exactly what you can offer until you speak up and express your gifts.  Not to mention the comradery is Awesome!


4. Take a break - I am the first to be guilty of this and also the first to tell another entrepreneur it's OK.  Take a break! Your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul beg you!  When you're up to 3 am trying to make something happen, when it feels like you're literally pushing a boulder up the mountain - STOP. Get some rest, take a break, go sit on the beach, take a hot bath, treat yourself to a latte and actually drink it without looking at your phone, checking emails or speaking to another soul.  Take that time to be selfish and tend to yourself.  Your body will thank you, your mind will be clear and instead of pushing up the mountain you might just figure a way to move the damn thing instead!


5. Expand your mind - We're not talking drugs here ladies, simply just get out and explore.  You didn't become an entrepreneur to sit behind a desk 12-14+ hours a day and yet, here you are.  You didn't set out on your own, leaving the warm, tightknit security blanket of a paycheck to then be confined to working yourself to death in your own self-created prison.  You decided to do whatever your heart called because of a gift, a skill, a talent that you hold that would make the world better by sharing.  You need to be inspired, you need to know where you are truly needed and perhaps find new, creative outlets to showcase your voice. 


Being an entrepreneur is thrilling, terrifying, exhilarating and frustrating - it's not easy but it is beyond rewarding when you're giving back and doing good and making a difference.  Find your people! Go outside, see some art, watch others in their element.  Read, keep learning - collaborate, engage and don't stop sharing with the world what it is you want to do. Take a break, be still, enjoy a quiet moment. Trust. Trust. Trust. That everything is going to work out and even if it doesn't, trust that you're going to be OK.  You didn't decide this path for the certainty, you choose it for the opportunity to make magic your own way!


Rock on!

Brandi Danielles
Boss Babes Brunch Club
Co-Founder || Creative Wing Woman