Good Things Are Meant to Expire

Good Morning Boss Babe,
I've written this letter to you about a hundred times, only to start all over again. The gist of it? Good things are meant to expire... 

I recently found myself sitting with my good friend, spilling my guts. It was a drizzly Saturday morning as we sipped on flat whites and munched on toast with poached eggs. We spoke of hesitation, doubt, fear, and guilt, while simultaneously exploring the excitement and eagerness for our professional futures. During this convo, it became clear that

it's time for Boss Babes Brunch Club to come to an end. 

I've debated how direct I wanted to be about this, or if I just wanted to let things fizzle. But, with this business I've prided myself on being transparent, authentic, and vulnerable-- so here it goes. 

Boss Babes Brunch Club started because I saw a space in our community and felt the need to fill a void. I saw a gap where women weren't supporting each other and collaborating, so in turn, we weren't collectively thriving. 

Throughout the past 2 years, Brandi and I have built Boss Babes into something that is nothing short of magical. I am so proud of the community we created and the work that we have done. We have hosted events of all shapes and sizes, won awards, and most importantly, we have connected with thousands of women to encourage them to be their best. We've helped businesses grow from the ground up; doctors, lawyers, photographers, physical therapists, creatives, business coaches, and entrepreneurs of all types have thrived with the help of Boss Babes. At the same time, we've seen friendships flourish and women connect and support each other in every area of their lives. We accomplished our goal. It worked. 

Simultaneously, my own life has changed significantly. I went from a full time server in a breakfast restaurant, to a successful copywriter in a company with ample room for growth. I've learned the value of self care + preservation, a social life, and I consistently challenge myself to find a healthy work-life balance without working 60-70+ hours a week.

Over the last 6+ months, I've spent time agonizing about my lack of commitment to Boss Babes Brunch Club--I'm sure you've noticed. It started out of sheer exhaustion and was thoroughly emphasized after the death of a close friend. I was hoping that it was a phase, rather than a stagnant feeling, but I just can't seem to shake it. 

This isn't because I'm not passionate about building community and supporting women, I am. The differentiating factor is that I no longer have the capacity to show up and hold space to my standards. When I show up, no matter what project I'm working on, I want to be fully present, passionate, and accomplish my work with integrity. If that's no longer within me, I've learned that I need to reassess, and that's what I've done.

Like most organic movements and missions, there's an ebb and flow. It's time for Boss Babes Brunch Club to hit its expiration date. 

We're still going to maintain the Facebook page + private group, Collaborative Collective by Boss Babes Brunch Club in order to continue a community of digital support-- we want you to stay connected with each other.

This is a bittersweet end of a chapter for me. I have been so inspired by you, by the connections I've made, and the support that I've seen. Thank you for being a part of this. It's not easy to end something that you love so dearly, but I know that it's for the right reasons. Why? Because sometimes good things are meant to expire.

All my love,



Hi Boss Babes,
When the opportunity to co-create an organization designed to build, empower, inspire and propel women forward, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  The timing could not have been better - I was looking for a community, a tribe to bellow to.

My time with Boss Babes Brunch Club has literally changed my life. The women I've met, friendships created, and the connections made will forever stay close to my heart. I owe all of you amazing women so much love and gratitude - the woman I have become this year is because you.  The woman I am continuing to grow into is one that you will be proud of. 

I love you all. Thank you so much for allowing me to hold space for you as you reached for your dreams and propelled towards your potential.

Keep Shining,