Don’t Be Sorry, Be Better

Okay, so I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect, and newsflash! You’re not either! But that doesn’t mean that you should stop growing. One of my favorite statements is “Don’t be sorry, be better”. A little bitchy? Sometimes. Motivating? ? Hell yeah. So how do I do, well… better?

Let’s break it down. Doing better means changing your process, results, or something in between. So, how do we create change? How do you actually motivate yourself to get your ass out of bed before the sun is up so you can hustle your little booty in the right direction?


RISE AND SHINE IT’S HUSTLE TIME: A lot of the time, you’ll find me in a coffee shop when I should be asleep in bed, now let me tell you, I set about 5 alarms in the morning, and most of them I ignore. I don’t particularly enjoy waking up super early, but I do enjoy being productive and following my passions. Set out your clothes, pack your bag, get your shit together, and get going. Seriously, working hard and getting the results you want-- whether it’s working out, learning something new, or completing goals in a new business venture is 100% worth it.  

So what motivates me? Aside from passion, I write myself notes in my alarms, these notes include (but are not limited):

“You set yourself up for success, so go be successful!”
“Everything is ready for you!”
“It’s flat white time!!!!!”
“You did not wake up today to be mediocre”
“Seriously... get your ass out of bed”

IT’S A FRIENDLY AFFAIR: To say I’m a “people person” is a pretty severe understatement. Ha! That means that when I want to make a positive change, I get my friends in on it too. When I was training for my first half marathon I told everyone. It wasn’t because I was particularly excited, but it was helpful in holding me accountable to my actions. I’d much rather run a shit ton of miles and feel sore (and healthy/strong), than have to admit giving up, but maybe that’s just me :-p

NEVER STOP LEARNING: I know, it sounds like you’re a kid getting home from school, but seriously, one of the best ways you can create change, internally and externally, is by talking to others, asking questions, and committing to being a lifelong learner. Try to learn something new every damn day. Engaging in critical thinking via conversation not only provides the opportunity to learn, but also to teach. As you engage in dialogue, you invite others the opportunity to as well. By the end of it, you may not know everything, but you’ll definitely know more than you did before.

BE YOUR OWN BFF: A lot of Boss Babes spend a good chunk of time alone as they hustle the days away. Well, here’s the deal. This doesn’t mean we hermit away wrapped in blankets and drinking tea with 7 cats cuddling us (although, that actually sounds pretty amazing), but it does mean that you sometimes chose to work, instead of be social. Well, if you like yourself, it makes life a whole lot easier. Loving yourself boosts confidence and leads to a happier life. This means, that when you want to make changes, it’s not to please other people, but moreso because you legit want to. Eating healthier and exercising becomes less about being skinny, and more about feeling healthy and strong. When you work extra hours it’s not because you’re afraid of getting in trouble by the boss (news flash, you are the boss!), but because you’re passionate about what you do! So, be your own BFF, spend time with yourself, and love yourself a little more. Confidence is a great look on you.

FIND YOUR HAPPINESS: I ask myself, and those around me, “what’s been the best part of your day today?”. Doing this encourages positive thought, gratitude, and motivation. Why? Because when you bring more awareness to the good things that are happening in the present, you’re more likely to set bigger goals, and chase bigger dreams.

So, don’t be sorry, be better. Challenge yourself, be accountable for your actions, work hard, hustle more, set yourself up for success, learn new things, and love yourself a freaking ton. Dream big goals Boss Babe, and chase them hard.


Alisha Ochoa

Founder || Creative Director
Boss Babes Brunch Club