What's A Boss Babe Anyway?

Since we’ve started this new adventure with the Boss Babes Brunch Club, we’ve had a lot of questions. What’s a Boss Babe? How Do I Become One? What Exactly IS the Club? Is It Invite Only? WHAT’S THE DEAL!

Today we’re going to break that all down for you.

1.    What Exactly Is a Boss Babe:  
A Boss Babe is a female entrepreneur, creative, or badass businesswomen. Maybe she owns her own business, maybe she’s working for someone else, or maybe her goals are just starting to form and she’s ready to take the next step. Who are we to judge? We do know that a Boss Babe can be found chasing dreams, no matter what they look like, and believes in her own potential. She’s a go-getter, a wander luster, and a visionary. A Boss Babe is tired of letting fear stand in the way of her journey. She knows that taking risks that can be scary, but also knows that most good things in life are scary.

A Boss Babe knows what it’s like to work long hours towards a goal that she’s passionate about. She knows how to hustle, and how to get shit done. She loves community, seeing her friends thrive, and supporting the women around her. She choses community over competition and love over hate. Seeing other people pursue their dreams inspires her to do the same. 

2.    How Do I Become One?:
Chances are, you probably already are a Boss Babe, and you didn’t even know it. Read the description above, if it sounds like you, you’re golden. Join us at some of our fun events to meet other like-minded Boss Babes, cultivate a bigger community, and find a bit more inspiration to reach for your dreams.

3.    What IS the Club? Is it Invite Only?:
By Welcome to the Club, we really mean welcome to our tribe. We host events where it’s our mission to bring you together with other like-minded women. Initially, we were planning on hosting invite only events, and you may have caught vibe of that. However, we soon realized that there are a lot of amazing women that want to join, and we're not the type to say no to new friends. So moral of the story, the Boss Babes Brunch Club is open to all the ladies around town. 

Tickets are a first come, first serve and they range in price, location, and style. You can purchase tickets on our website under the specific event listing, or you can check out past events to get an idea about what to expect. Generally, we like to keep our gatherings small and intimate (around 15 women). We find it’s easier to build authentic relationships when you can remember everyone’s name. At our events we encourage you to find other Boss Babes you can brainstorm with, collaborate with, or maybe even partner with. If you find a few new friends in the process, we’ll be pretty excited about that too. By building a strong community, we know that we will encourage everyone to grow. One of our mantras is community over competition. As we work towards this, we encourage you to do the same.

4. When's the Next Event? What are the Details?
Our next event is on Sunday, August 14th from 9-11am. We're so excited to be working with Kit + Ace in Carlsbad for this, their space is beautiful and the women who run the shop are definite Boss Babes.

What your ticket includes:
- Catered Brunch with bubbly
-Expert advice from our keynote speaker and Boss Babe to the max, Julie Rais Elise, designer and owner of Rais Case. The highest quality bags handmade in the USA.
-Community building with likeminded mega bosses and women who inspire us. 
-Swag bag from local businesses

We only have a few tickets left, so snag them while you can. Early bird is $30 (until July 28th). Regular priced is $40. Direct link for tickets is HERE. 

We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us, and hope that you tag along for the ride. We have a feeling it’s going to be pretty damn amazing. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll do our best to answer you ASAP. 


Alisha Ochoa
Founder || Creative Director
Boss Babes Brunch Club