What's the Best That Could Happen || Boss Babes Brunch with Libby Carstensen

What do you get when you put almost 40 Boss Babes in a room with Libby Carstensen and a full catered brunch with bubbly? 

Inspiration overload, lots of hugs, “yammm”’s, heartfelt sharing, and TONS of laughter, connections, and collaboration opportunities.

Earlier this month Boss Babes Brunch Club had the honor of hosting Libby Cartsensen, VP of Sales, Marketing,and Content Development of the Chopra Center at Lorna Jane, La Jolla. A week before our event I was beyond stressed. My event details had fallen out of place, leaving me without a keynote speaker, location, and in search of a caterer… after I had already sold forty tickets. Shit. I found myself in a challenging position and was presented with an opportunity for failure, or to thrive.

I threw on my Boss Babe pleather pants and chose the latter. It was time to thrive.

I first met Libby  when I was working in a restaurant six years ago. She would come in for lunch and I would always be enamored by this woman who really seemed to have her shit together. I never would have expected to be calling her and asking her to be a keynote speaker at an event for my business.

To say she was a perfect fit, and that she was who was meant to speak all along would be like saying that I kind like thai food-- both are just vast understatements. When she spoke, it felt like she was speaking to ME… and every other babe in the room felt the same. In her own words she,

“Ripped open my heart and served up a few stories on how I turned my worst case scenario into my best life purpose…"

Libby broke it down pretty simply for us—I mean really, is luck even a “thing”? How does one get lucky (not like that)? And how do we set ourselves up for success? She spoke about her journey in her career, the passing of her father, how these big life events have changed how she faces life, and how she shifted her mindset from “what’s in it for me” to “How can I serve?”.

According to Libby, it’s all about when preparedness meets opportunity, and luck is definitely not a “thing”. 

Sorry to break your heart and shatter your dreams, but some magical business knight in shining armor isn’t going to pop up on a unicorn and launch your career to the next level. It takes hard work, dedication, balance, and the ability to make smart decisions in the process. 

Being a Boss Babe can be hard work. Sometimes you might feel lost, overwhelmed, or in over your head. But Libby reminded us that in these times, we can remember that every challenge can be redefined as a humbling experience. As we meet our edge, we simply have to ask ourselves, is this fear or is this an opportunity for change? When you have the tools and can make decisions consciously, you have the choice to live and move differently. Well guess what, there is always a bigger picture. By internally searching for the greater good, we grow. 

So, instead of your life falling apart, you can learn to re-frame life so that it is falling together. Because really, what's the BEST that could happen?


Alisha Ochoa
Founder || Creative Director
Boss Babes Brunch Club

No Boss Babes event can happen without the help from our community. We wanted to give a special thanks to ||

Keynote Speaker: Libby Carstensen,

Event Space: Lorna Jane- La Jolla,

Photographer: Kimberly Elyse Photography,

Donations and Swag: Loku Designs, Aloha CollectionGet It Done Gals, Lula Roe, Roots The Beauty Underground,

Catering: The Cottage- La Jolla, Ironsmith Coffee Roasters

Florals: Sage Sisters

and of course, all the Boss Babes that made this event so damn good.